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micah @micah

@calvin Definitely looks to require more thought than programming. Math solution for part 1 doesn't look so bad.

@micah I managed to implement Ulam's spiral (jn the least functional way possible) - now I need to implement the damn pathfinding algorithm...

@calvin Nice, I did some math computing the shell layer and offset from the center, but it's no help at all for part 2, where your spiral impl may be.

@micah well, I'm also running into possible stdlib limitations with 2D arrays, ugh

@micah Looks like I finally have a tolerable-enough equivalent to a non-existent Array2D.findIndex.... time to implement pathfinding I can barely understand the math for!

@calvin Nice. If this is only Day 3, I'm starting to wonder if I have the time to get through these. Getting crazy.

@calvin That part 2 is brutal. Gave up and reverted to ruby. Day 3 was not kind to us functional contenders.

@calvin Just saw you pulled it off, nice work!